About Us

The Army University aligns most of the Army’s military education programs under a unified academic structure. It reinvests and transforms the Army’s education programs to improve individual performance and increase readiness, provides insight on on-going initiatives related to Army education, and resources challenges associated with improving the quality and rigor of Army educational programs.

By having most of the Army’s education programs under one governance structure, it is able to rapidly infuse cutting-edge innovative learning best-practices into Army curriculum; adjust that curriculum as necessary based on emerging threats; change doctrine; develop TTPs in the operating environment; and develop world class faculty in all Army schools able to improve students’ ability to develop and apply critical thinking skills to the increasingly complex challenges.

The complex challenges defined in the Army Operating Concept require a more flexible professional military education process focused on educating adaptive leaders. The Army’s education enterprise and associated management systems remained largely unchanged for two decades and prompted the Army to streamline academic governance which facilitates broader accreditation of educational programs; expands credentialing, certification, and licensing; and promotes rapid circulation of best practices across the Army.