Adopting Nationally Recognized Standards

The goal is to blend the proven models of the United States finest universities with the best practices in our military education and training programs, in order to develop the future Soldiers and leaders our profession requires.

The focus of this topic is to share strategies for identifying the standards, and developing the processes and partnerships that enable Soldiers and Army Civilians to be awarded appropriate credit for military academic and credentialing education and experience at accredited universities, colleges, and vocational schools.

Areas to explore may include:

  • What strategies are most effective in gaining credit acceptance, Army degree programs, and expanding the reach of localized Army education programs across more civilian education institutions?
  • What are the most effective approaches to identify credential-able training and education and the processes for institutional recognition of this learning?
  • What are the most successful strategies to navigate the policy and governance issues required to attain regional and national accreditation and credentialing standards?

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