Creating an Innovative Learning Environment

The goal is for the US Army to have an innovative and engaging learning culture both inside and outside the classroom for the entirety of a professional career. And, discover how best the Army University can lead this effort, or alternatively empower the creative educational approaches of other.

The focus of this topic is to share best practices in the learning sciences that support a positive learning culture that is adaptable to the diverse needs of the Officer, Warrant Officer, Non-Commissioned Officers and Army Civilian cohorts.

Areas to explore may include:

  • Which technologies are changing the paradigm of cost/time/quality of learning?
  • How should we think different about a classroom?
  • Which organizations should we look to as progressive examples?
  • What are the surprising high-impact practices in higher education?
  • Which popular, and still practiced, theories and methodologies of the previous decades can we now conclude are obsolete?

Symposium Video

See Dr. Marylin Ault's presentation here .