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Civilian Education System (CES) courses are now open for FY16 enrollment in CHRTAS. Commands are responsible for managing quotas for their Army Civilians, so work with your supervisor and training manager to determine your eligibility and priority level. Always review your CHRTAS profile to ensure it is accurate.

View our CES Course Schedule for a full list of FY16 offerings.

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Provost's Corner
Army Soldiers are Professionals…. and education and recognized credentials are inherently part of being a professional. The Army University expands the learning environment and improves unity of effort across the Total Force (Active, Guard, Reserve) by improving Professional Military Education and related educational degree or professional certification opportunities. The Army University is a cultural shift toward learner-centric, entrepreneurial education – with the individual Soldier and Civilian ultimately responsible for their education, guided by dynamic faculty, disciplined through rigorous and relevant curricula. This powerful combination results in leaders inspired to learn more, achieve more and be an integral part of the Team that Makes a Difference – The U.S. Army!
BG, U.S. Army